Hi there,

In Ecodev, we started to modernize the Dummy package for TYPO3 CMS. After investigation, it turned out it was not too complicated to extend the Introduction Package and pack something with our own stuff. Our Bootstrap Package was born! To give a bit of background, we were aiming to:

  • Have Twitter Bootstrap as HTML / CSS Framework
  • Use as much as possible Fluid for the rendering and the templating. Actually, it turned out we have reached the 100% thanks to the work of Claus Due
  • Keep folder fileadmin clean from TS / JS / CSS files which should be for storing media only (images, documents etc…)

We wanted not only a package to demonstrate the capability of TYPO3 but also something useful so that it should save us from the tedious and repeating work when kick-starting a website. The result is pretty much promising. We have a demo website where to see the Bootstrap Package in action. More important we have put everything in public so that you can test and also take advantage for your own needs. Check out how to set it up with this tutorial.

In the last update, we have updated the content towards web redactors and also add for developers some Semantic Web reminder here and here useful when developing extension. Besides, we have added some generic API that is common for almost every project. The first one is the ability to load TypoScript files in a programming way versus store them in the database. The second one is an embryonic API for Application Context management in TYPO3 CMS. Finally, The Bootstrap package also provides a way to override configuration while developing a extension.

Last but not least, some more technical details are provided by @NamelessCoder

If you would like to change something / contribute in a way, there is the Bug Tracker that you are invited to use.

Bootstrap Package for TYPO3 CMS